Top Mistakes in Repairing Your Wood Furniture

Every furniture piece that is made from wood can be customized to any design and size. Wood furniture is an affordable way of furnishing, but the many styles can make it all the more complicated when it comes to maintenance. Wood, unlike other materials, does not have a limited lifespan, but can last for several decades if properly kept. There are just so many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to wood furniture repair. Here are the top three:


Sanding is the biggest mistake that even skilled woodworkers make. It’s one of the easiest methods to damage wood. The wood is sanded until it is smooth, but the problem is the sandpaper used is too abrasive and will wear out faster, swiftly causing more damage to the wood than good. Your best bet is to use sandpaper that is at least ½ inch thick.

Obvious Damage

It’s all too easy to overlook damage because it is either too small to be seen or because it is hard to determine whether it is repairable or not. What you should do is use a putty knife to apply some model-releasing agent to any areas that you don’t want to be sanded and then sand it down and prime it. Then use a putty knife to remove all the dust and debris from the repair site.

Improper Repairs

It’s all too easy to cut into the wrong place or sand too much. When sanding, you have to take into account that you are working with a soft material that will often tear when sanded. So, every time you sand, you should check the results, and sand again until the damage is repaired. Never leave any area that you have repaired until it is dry.

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