Safe and Successful!

When it comes to furniture restoration, there is only so much you can do yourself. Some jobs such as refinishing or replacing a wood panel or drawer front are very easy for an average person to accomplish. While others, like repairing a pull or chair rail are better left to the pros. Installing new hardware, however, is something that you should never consider doing yourself, especially when it comes to something as important as drawers. There are so many reasons to leave this kind of work to a furniture conservator or restorer and not place yourself in danger.

Exposed Nails

Wood that has been exposed to moisture for any length of time will contract and expand, making it very difficult to nail into. The pieces of exposed wood will warp and shift, making it almost impossible to get the nails to sit flush. While some seasoned amateurs can handle this, it is still best to leave this kind of work to a professional.

Dry Brushing

When you don’t use sufficient amounts of paint, your furniture will be porous. This means they will soak up paint and be less likely to soak up stains. If the furniture is not stained properly, you will end up with a porous surface that will not adhere to the wood. It will also make the surface more susceptible to moisture radiation. Professional furniture restorers use enough paint and stain to ensure the piece is well sealed.


Over time, you will end up with black, brittle-looking areas where the wood has broken off. To prevent this, you need to apply enough stain to completely fill the fissures and cracks. However, if you use too much stain, you can end up with a surface so heavy that it sinks into the cracks and fissures, making them look a lot worse than they are. That’s the reason it’s better to hire experts for the job.

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