Wood Furniture Repair Done Wrong

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Fixing Wooden Furniture

Most wood furniture is made to last for centuries and can be passed down through generations. But this can only be true if it is treated and maintained properly. Improper wood furniture repair jobs can cause costly and potentially dangerous problems in the long term. So be sure to avoid doing DIY repairs. If you insist, here are the possible things that may happen:

Using the Wrong Glue

A common mistake people make when repairing wood furniture is not using the right type of glue. The wrong kind of glue can wear off quickly or even damage the wood. Even if it holds together, the adhesive may leave an unpleasant odor or a stain on the wood. This can be difficult to fix and may require professional help.

Not Using Wooden Pegs

Not using wooden pegs to secure parts of the furniture is another mistake people make. While furniture made of softer wood may be held together with nails, harder woods need pegs or dowels to ensure the furniture is strong and stable. This is especially important if you plan to move the furniture or if you have young or rambunctious animals in the home.

Rusty Materials

Rust is another danger of improper wood furniture repairs. If metal pieces like hinges, reinforcements, or screws are used, you should make sure they’re either galvanized or coated to protect them from rust. If they’re not, they may rust and cause damage to the furniture or even contribute to a fire hazard.

Improper Sanding

In the process of repairing wooden furniture, it is important to avoid sanding the wood too much. While it may be necessary to sand off the old paint or finish, sanding too much could remove the natural patina of the wood. Overly sanded wood can also look unappealing and may leave you with an unfinished look.

These are just a few of the dangers of improper wood furniture repair jobs. It’s always important to work with experienced professionals like Renaissance Restoration LLC and use the proper tools to ensure your furniture is brought back to its former glory. Our reliable wood repair services are available in Riverhead, NY. For inquiries, call (631) 203-6971!